Martin has been a photographer since his teenage years and has great experience in many kinds of themes and topics. As an adult he was a schoolmaster for many years and during this time he was in charge of teaching history, sport and photography to his students as well as being responsible for Magazine photos, Publicity photos and Advertising work. He has used this experience to branch out into many areas of commercial work, both in working with people, sporting moments, and with more static subjects such as architecture, buildings and plants and flowers.

His understanding of people of all ages has meant that he has been in great demand for ‘capturing the moment’ when it comes to Weddings and Portraiture. he has an easy going style, is able to make people feel relaxed and then take the ideal photograph.

Martin has worked for newspapers and journals, town projects, national companies, football teams and the public in general. At the moment he is busy as a freelance photographer and was for 18 years the Assistant Editor and Chief Photographer of The Nailsworth News which enabled him to work for individuals, small and large groups and photograph many varied commercial projects for retail and personal use.